Scottish Borders

Cornmill Square in Galashiels, Scottish Borders

Galashiels, Scottish Borders

‘Sour plums’ is also the motto of Galashiels, after a group of English raiders were caught feasting on plums from a tree close to the town, and were discovered by the Scots, who slaughtered them all. Galashiels, Scottish Borders Galashiels is one of the main towns in the Scottish Borders, located in the heart of …

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the cross kirk in peebles scottish borders

The Cross Kirk, Peebles

Fragments of bone were discovered buried underneath the cyst in 1924, leading archaeologists to believe this was St Nicholas’ grave. The Cross Kirk, Peebles | Scottish Borders The Cross Kirk was founded when a stone urn, containing what was believed to be the relics of St Nicholas, was discovered on the site. A fine cross was also discovered, …

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kelso abbey in the scottish borders

Kelso Abbey, Scottish Borders

Kelso Abbey | Scottish Borders Kelso Abbey is one of the four Border Abbeys, but the least known. Why is this? It could be because of the famous names associated with the others: Robert the Bruce’s heart is buried at Melrose Abbey, Sir Walter Scott is buried at Dryburgh Abbey, and Mary Queen of Scots is associated with Jedburgh Abbey. But Kelso Abbey has …

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the cheese well traquair scottish borders

The Cheese Well, Traquair

The Cheese Well, Traquair | Scottish Borders … travellers will often leave coins or other small tokens of food to placate the fairies. You will find The Cheese Well and Fairy Well in the hills near Traquair in the Scottish Borders. The Cheese Well is the name of a natural spring that has been an …

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traquair house in the scottish borders

Traquair House, Scottish Borders

Traquair House, Traquair | Scottish Borders Traquair House is Scotland’s oldest inhabited house. It is filled to the brim with history: it originally was a defensive tower house and eventually became a luxurious family residence. It has been lived in for over 900 years and has been visited by 27 Scottish Kings and Queens! The …

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