Secrets of Scotland is a members only community for Scotland lovers. Think of it as an online clan, connecting Scotland lovers from all over the world!

Each month you get access to bonus Scotland content and goodies made by Scottish creatives. 

Hey ! I'm Yvette

Hi! I’m Yvette Webster, and I travel Scotland for a living. I own the travel blog Wayfaring Kiwi and I also run a Scotland travel blog called Kiwi and Haggis with my husband. 

I started Secrets of Scotland because Scotland is my number one passion- and I wanted to create an awesome community for Scotland lovers.

Each month I create exclusive Scotland content for you, including a blog post, podcast episode and vlog episode about a different destination in Scotland. You also get to vote on where I go, and what I do!

We also have a Scotland book club. Each month members vote on what book we should read, and we have a dedicated thread to discuss the book. 

We also have a private Facebook community where you can connect with other Scotland lovers, and I also hold monthly live Q&A sessions where you can ask me absolutely anything about Scotland!

You can also sign up to receive a postcard from Scotland and artisan goodies sent straight to your door each month!